Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oak Alley Plantation

My wife and I went on a wonderful road trip through Louisiana with our two good friends.  We spent one afternoon enjoying the history of pre-Civil War plantation country - Oak Alley Plantation on the banks of the Mississippi River.  We stayed overnight in an 1890-era cottage rumored to be the most haunted on the 1200 acre plantation. We visited another plantation as well; both contained furnishings from the 18th and 19th centuries. Imagine living in the heat of Louisiana without air conditioning! We are spoiled!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Color of Blood now available in eBook form!

I am pleased to announce that Color of Blood is now available as an ebook on the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, eBookPie, the Sony eReader, Kobo, Gardner's (UK), and, Baker and Taylor. This novel was originally published in 2008 by Eaking Press, and is now out of print.

Journalist Clay Aker teams with up with Texas Ranger Julio Ramirez in search of Clay's brother, Jack, an environmental activist who disappeared from the Texas Gulf Coast with his girlfriend, Vicky, while sampling for mercury poisoning. Was their disappearance an accident? Clay is determined to discover what happened to his brother as murder, theft, kidnapping and environmental pollution complicate the search. This novel received a Reader Views Award for Fiction in the suspense/mystery/thriller genre in 2009.

Third Novel Complete!

I have completed my third novel, Ransomed Earth: an Eco-Thriller, set in China, South America, the Colorado Rockies, and in Washington, D.C.  This book is a story about environmental activists battling the power of lobbyists to hold hostage the fate of America's natural resources inheritance.

Vice-President Phillip Westervelt must determine how to respond to hostage demands of guerrilla activists who kidnapped his only child without violating United States policy. The government does not negotiate with terrorists. The environmentalists not only threaten his daughter, but potentially his campaign for the Presidency.

In the three days that Phillip has to resolve the ransom demands he discovers a gruesome secret that threatens his marriage, is drawn to the arms of a former lover, and must tip-toe through the maze of bureaucratic regulations that hinders his ability to rescue his daughter, Kayleigh. He fears she will suffer the same fate as another victim who was killed in a failed kidnapping attempt in China. He learns that Jozina Morales' son, Marcos, has also been taken hostage by these rogue activists while touring Ecuador. Jozina is the senior staffer on the Senate Appropriations Committee. Both parents receive ransom demands requiring governmental action to save their children. Meeting the demands to fund environmental programs and reduce pollution are almost impossible given the grip that lobbyists have on Washington, D.C.

As their parents plot to save their children, Kayleigh Westervelt struggles to survive abusive treatment by her kidnapper in the Colorado wilderness. Marcos Morales is a prisoner of the Shuar in the untraceable expanse of the Amazon basin where he is exposed to the tribal ways of these legendary headhunters in an attempt to save their ancestral homeland.
The Shuar                        

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Book Cover

I discovered something about e-publishing. First, print books and e-books must have their own individual ISBN. The International Standard Book Number is unique to each title and used for ordering purposes. It is also desirable that covers for print books and for e-books differ, although that is confusing to many readers and not aways followed. Soooo, Sever the Darkness (ebook) has a new cover! San Antonio artist and friend E. Gordon West drew a charcoal rendering of his interpretation of a key scene in the novel. Be sure to post reviews using this cover if you are reading the ebook. 

(p.s. since Sever the Darkness is out of print, it is only available as an ebook.)