Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pushing Through

   We are almost there...the finish line is in sight...the pot is almost at a number away from the jackpot! Our new home is 99.8 percent complete...only a few hookups and inspections to go and we close. There is a tiredness at the end of the run, as if every step is a major effort, yet we continue to plod on, to push through, and results happen. We admire the tenacity of our builder as she works with sub-contractors and inspectors to finish the job, and find strength within ourselves to soldier on until finally, there is the house. We move in.

  This seven month building experience is like writing a novel. First is the foundation (the story itself), then the framing (the chapters of plot, character development), adding utilities, walls, paint, flooring...all similar to details, subplot and dialog. Every day the writer pushes through a new portion of the work at hand, whether drafting new pages, editing, inserting new thoughts, until finally, there is the book. We begin the agent, editing and publishing process.

   Builders begin with a series of blueprints that may be modified along the way. Some writers have a chapter by chapter outline, or blueprint, if you will. I have the idea with no firm set of details...these are discovered along the way. Sort of like life...a general blueprint of where you want to go, what you want to do, all modified along the way with discovery, love, money or lack thereof, adventure, blueprint or not to blueprint; that is the question.

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