Saturday, November 16, 2013


Half through NNWM and making some progress, although more limited than what I envisioned...too hard to resist working in garden when weather turns good, family gatherings, unpacking boxes and hanging pictures as we ready for holiday guests. Re-discovered that despite my best efforts to just write without pause I find myself editing, deleting entire pages to add new ones, and inserting brief sentences to clarify points made. Plus, sorta stuck with moving plot forward I know what I want to say, but plot flow is sometimes baffling. Still, am 6,000 more words than when I began so all is good.


Deputy Sheriff Harvey Watson was halfway through dinner when the dispatcher called. This was not the first time he’d received a domestic disturbance call regarding the Leevy’s, or the first run-in Euel had with the law.

He met Euel Leevy nine years ago when he was brought to the county jail for speeding and driving drunk. That was the summer of ’47. Harvey remembered because he had just joined the Williams County Sheriff’s Department as the Jailer. Whether by Fate or by Circumstance, Euel shared a cell that night with Otie Gandy, a town drunk arrested for being a public nuisance when his wife, Nellie, refused to pick him up and take him home.  The fact that the Leevy’s and the Gandy’s were to later become neighbors pushed any of the townsfolk toward the Fate side of the equation.

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