Monday, November 4, 2013

Novel Progress

My writing habits need re-evaluated. I bought a timer, set it for 45 minutes to write, then take a 15 minute break, repeat....made it through only 3 sessions and was too mentally tired to complete. But because I knew what I wanted to write I made good progress -- 1900 words one day; 1300 another. However, I am still researching and plotting, so not every day is as productive. Then there is editing the previous work which also takes time. And working out or mowing...or garden work....or unpacking boxes and hanging pictures...and the NAP...don't forget the afternoon nap (didn't take one today). Oh well, finished reading "Families of Alcoholics" by Anne Mari Nuechterlein and got some good ideas. So ends Day 4 and we press on....

The Army stripped him of his identification and gave him a new one. He learned to take orders, the familiar ritual of inspections, roll call, pay call, meals, rank, and ritual. He got his sex education from training films about venereal diseases and from buddies in his unit. He never said he was a virgin, but they knew and on their first night of leave after advanced training he was set up with an easy date who had to show him the basics about copulation. He was embarrassed, enthralled, and self-conscious, all at the same time.

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