Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I met an avid, dedicated reader at this month's Weston Lakes Book Club session, which is somewhat strange to say given 30 members who meet monthly to dissect and discuss the assigned reading can all be classified as avid, dedicated readers. But our review of Dan Brown's "Inferno" revealed a reader extraordinaire -- one who used her laptop map capability to track Robert Langdon and Sienna Brown's escapades in Florence. She used the satellite map (hybrid) to track their pathways and the historic structures so aptly described by Brown, giving all of us a better grasp of Brown's mastery of the setting and plot, and planting the seed for us to use such technology in our future reading.

Thank you, Weston Lakes Book Club members for such a lively discussion! It is so revealing to study how various readers interpret the same book, what impresses some and not others, striving to understand the author's intent, etc. As for my own writing journey, passed the 64,000 word mark and pressing on toward completing my first draft this spring. Still lots to do, but progress!

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