Sunday, September 21, 2014

Car Travel Equal Books

Well, we're back....back from a two-week road trip to Myrtle Beach SC, a bucket-list destination we've dreamed about for over 25 years. The drive was pleasant: good weather, good roads, well-maintained road-side parks along the way, inspiring scenery along the Gulf coast prairies, up the Appalachians, and across the Piedmont to the Atlantic shore. AND, 35 hours of audio tapes to enjoy!

Patsy and I so enjoy a good audio book...of the three selected for this journey (two with Carolina settings and the other in the Black Hills) one was a bust, one was okay, and Nora Roberts was excellent, although a bit wordy. Technology allows us to stop the tape and discuss the storyline or a point that we are confused on, giving us an opportunity to explore each other's thoughts. I always pick up a technique or idea I can use in my own writing. We could have gotten to our destination in one day via air travel instead of three days on the road, but we enjoy the road trips too much to change. Audio tapes: Love Them!

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