Thursday, April 23, 2015

Author Inspiration

What inspires an author to write? The answer lies within each individual writer -- perhaps there is a story to tell, the need for self-expression, exploration of one's soul -- and the answers are as varied as the human spirit. Publishers and agents look for unique stories, something different in the market, a new "voice", in addition to well-written prose and dialog. I am often amazed at the story-telling ability or story angle from many authors, and wonder where they got such talent. Fellow author and Weston Lakes book club member, Gay Lewis, is one such writer.

Gay is a pastor's wife and mother of three daughters. She has written a series of novels published by Prism Book Group, involving Sarah Wingspan, a bumbling angel sent by the Almighty to help humans better understand his will. Gay's imagination allows Sarah to hover invisible near her charges, materialize in various human forms, communicate with other heavenly beings, and possess human traits such as having a poor sense of direction and fashion. In addition, Sarah loves to eat and is continually sneaking food away from unsuspecting humans.

I just completed reading Sarah and the Internet Dating Service, a first-rate young adult novel that many adults will also enjoy. Gay uses the story to insert pearls of wisdom regarding God's will and love of his creation without being overly "preachy" or disrupting the story line. I look forward to reading more books in this series.


  1. Thanks for sharing, very inspiring!

  2. Thanks Les! I'm thrilled you like Sarah. I love your books also, and you sum it up correctly. Authors have different styles and craft diverse genres, but we have one thing in common...the love of writing. I appreciate you telling your readers about my Sarah. Blessings!

  3. I've read several books in the "Sarah" series - enjoyed each one thoroughly!