Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Writing Tools

If you are interested in learning tricks of the trade about writing in the digital age, I recommend you check out Jane has over 20 years experience in the book and magazine publishing industry. She is THE expert on digital publishing and speaks at dozens of conferences around the globe. She has worked as the digital publisher of writing's flagship, The Writer's Digest Magazine, is a blogger with over 180,000 followers (including me), an author, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Virginia.

I am learning so much reading Jane's on plot, character development, narrative, and other nuances authors are concerned well as changes in both the print and digital publishing worlds. Her writing is concise and valuable for those with limited time searching for useable information.

My research regarding family history continues as I continue to piece together family history. This is a fulfilling effort, and I hope useful to future family members. Take care all......


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    I had a family, my daughter, there wasn`t even time for the institute, sometimes I even ordered essays and articles in writers center But I do not give up hope of returning to writing a book based on sociological research and embody my old dream)

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