Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Wine Bible

Visitors to my web site may have noticed a time lag between blogs. I have a new job that has taken me away from writing and thrust me into the world of wine. I am now a demonstrator...no, not protestor or walker carrying signs for a cause; a wine pourer. I get to stand in a store for three hours and pour samples of wine for customers!!!!  YAY!!!

It shouldn't be surprising that my new BESTEST book is "The Wine Bible" by Karen MacNeil. Released in 2001 by Workman Publishing Company, Inc. (NY, NY), Karen spent years researching and writing this outstanding 910 page encyclopedia of wine -- types of grapes, wine regions, wine making, tasting, countries, specific wineries, and much more. While the wine industry has changed much over the last two decades, the basics have not. This book is a wonderful reference that I use weekly. It is easy to understand and well organized.

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